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Meeting Chillow is like meeting a room of people at the same time. It all depends on the time of day whether you’re speaking to a DJ, engineer, designer, producer, athlete or skateboarder. Ever since falling in love with hip-hop in his early teenage years, he has continuously built his skills around all facets of music in order to put it at the center of his life. Determined to make his mark, he took hip-hop on as a full-time job.

It took an accidental discovery of an Onyx CD around 20 years ago to get him out of competitive skateboarding and in the studio. Gaining sponsorships from his appearances in several skate tapes and competitions, it looked like he could actually make it in Belgium’s early skate scene. Seems the call of the drums was just too strong to withstand.


Whether it was good timing, the right track or just sheer luck, one of Chillow’s earliest productions was immediately picked up across the ocean. He had reached out to El da Sensei of the legendary Artifacts crew (NJ, US) for a collaboration project with his Earquake friends and against all odds, El had actually listened to the beat and wanted to lay down some verses on it.

That first international collaboration allowed him to connect with a whole range of East coast emcees such as Reap, Nutso, M-Dot, El Gant.‍..‍He started the series, in which he created albums around specific artists and by doing so, connected those artists with each other. His vision was to create a repertoire based on a newly found network of artists that are all different in style but share the same passion for new age boom bap music.

Interestingly enough, the international releases opened up the local crowd for his production. He started working with Belgian artists such as Jeffrey Jefferson (for a soul-centric addition to the ’n Chillow series) Where he layed connection with Peter Lesage, Flip Kowlier, Walter ego etc. Also a lot of Belgian artists asked Chillow for his‍ production, mix and mastering skill. He worked with and for NTREK, Baadasssss, Brihang, Grafgravers etc.

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When you are reaching for the highest level of production, small bedroom-style recording set-ups simply do not suffice. In an old storage building, Chillow started building a full-scale professional recording studio. That did not just mean getting new equipment and putting it inside the right rooms, it meant actually constructing those rooms inside the building first. That took years of saving money and putting in hard work, while having to put a lot of projects on hold because of it. Finally, by mid 2017, the studio was finished.



‍By the end of 2017, the ’n Chillow series had come to a close through the release of the El da Sensei album ‘We bring it Live’, sonically one of Chillow’s strongest projects to date.


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In 2019 Chillow decided to go back to New York for a couple of months. He took some time to reflect on himself and future goals in life and traveled around the boroughs.  He met with his friends John Robinson, Reap, El Da Sensei, El Gant and hooked up with new artists such as Venomous 2000, Napoleon The Legend, Planet Asia, Skanks The Rap Marther and Sadat X (Brand Nubian). He took all this content with him to Belgium to put together his new project with DJ Grazzhoppa.

When back in April 2019 Chillow took 2 very dope Belgium artists under his platform to release full length albums. They go by the name of Low G (multiple winner in Rap Battles) and Walter Ego ( MC turned business man turned MC ).  Both great and promising Mc's.

In the summer of 2019 El Gant is travelling to Belgium at Catharsis-Studio to work on a full length as well

2019 seems to be a promising year.


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These are all projects and collaborations Chillow worked or collaborated with. This includes official remixes, beats, cuts and scratches etc..

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